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Single Bag Filter


Six different models meet the needs of any bag filtration application. Housings are available in carbon or stainless steel and, for ultra pure or corrosive applications, plastic.

Eaton Single-Bag Filter Housings incorporate the design details and features most asked for by users in a wide variety of industrial, OEM and commercial applications. Our single-bag housings can be adapted to just about any application. For applications requiring continuous filtration two single-bag housings can be combined into a DUOLINE™ duplex filter. High flow rate applications are handled by manifolding two or more housings to create a MODULINE™ filter. And every filter housing we manufacture reflects Eaton’s commitment to quality in ...

Multi Bag Filter


For applications where the flow rate is too high for a single bag housing. Sizes are available that accommodate from 3 to 36 filter bags for flow rates up to 6000 gpm. Three models are available with quick open, davit or eye bolt style covers.
Gas/Liquid Separators


Hayward Eaton brand Gas/Liquid Separators have been the "Industry Standard" for over 100 years. Nobody knows more about gas/liquid separation. Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators are used to remove 99% of damage causing moisture and particulate matter from air, gas and steam pipelines. They protect valuable system components like air compressors and turbines. We have a wide selection with hundreds of different Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators. When a standard model isn’t right for an application, Eaton Engineers can work with customers to create a custom fabricated model that fits the application requirements exactly.


Critical, demanding liquid filtration applications require high performance filtration media. This Media may have to be more efficient, stronger, longer lasting or conform to specific standards. Hayward Eaton premium filter bags meet these stringent media requirements. The convenience and economy of liquid bag filtration is now feasible for filtration applications that previously required other, more expensive systems. These premium filter bags are capable of performing in applications that in the past required more complex and expensive filtration systems.

Eaton high efficiency Premium Filter Bags make the convenience and economy of liquid bag filtration feasible for filtration applications that previously required other, more ...



Literally thousands of choices are offered within this comprehensive line of filter bags produced under ISO 9001:2000 standards for consistent quality. Hayward Eaton heavy duty filter bags are available in sewn construction with the economical SNAP-RING® seal. Welded construction bags feature the patented SENTINEL® sealing collar for the most demanding applications.
Pipeline Strainers


For over 75 years, our dedication to excellence has earned Hayward Eaton Pipeline Strainers the confidence of thousands of users all over the world. We have led the way with designs that meet the ever growing and rigorous demands of the process and manufacturing industries, utilities, and municipalities.

Eaton has the most complete line of pipeline strainers, for coarse filtration, in the world. From simple 1/2" size Y strainers to 48" Automatic Self-Cleaning pipeline strainers to custom fabricated strainers there is an Eaton strainer perfect for any straining application. When there is damage causing dirt or debris in liquid pipelines, there is an Eaton Pipeline Strainer to remove it

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