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Ametek Hunter Spring Static Boding Reel


  • Automatic Speed Control
    Absolutely no whipping Retracts at constant speed.

  • Over-Run Control
  • No tangles from drum inertia.

  • Totally Enclosed Spring

  • The Ametek Static Discharge and Bonding Reels. provide for the retraction and compact storage of 50, 75 and 100 foot cable and clamp assemblies, These reels are used to bond the aircraft to the refueling truck and/or to ground both during aircraft refusing; also applicable for truck and tank car loading and unloading or other applications where static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion. The 50 and 75 foot cable length models meet U5AF MIL-FI-933Z5 ^ U S- Government specification A--A-50696 which replaces ...




  • New Automatic Power Switching external power supply as well as internal battery 120/220 volts 50-60 Hz
  • Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery.
  • Fully Instrumented - to eliminate human error.
  • Detects presence of free water within 1.5 ppm.
  • Test completed in less than 2 minutes.
  • Portable - light weight - 8 pounds
  • Permanent fluorescing standard.
  • Can be recalibrated in the field.

    The test requires two simple steps. First, a measured sample of fuel is passed through a paper pad that is treated with sodium fluorescein on its upstream surface. Second, the pad is compared with a fluorescing standard in ultraviolet light. Water droplets that are smaller ...
  • ASTM Color Standards


    ASTM Color Rating Booklet - Model GTP-1074-1
    For use in color rating filter membranes for aviation turbine fuels, in accordance with Appendix X1 of ASTM Test Method D2276/IP216

  • Each color standard panel has been certified by Munsell Color to Triple A standards for chroma, value and hue. The colors, as specified in ASTM D2276/IP216, are as follows:
  • Every color page is wire bound.
  • Each color standard has a 1 inch (25mm) window so that the membrane can be viewed for better accuracy in rating.
  • Every color-page has an index tab to speed up finding the right page.
  • Margins are provided at ends of color page to avoid thumb prints on color panels.
  • Fuel resistant lamination is probided on the back ...

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  • WaterControl


    Filter Separator Accessories




    Heaters for Sumps and Drains


    Stainless Steel Sheathing will not rust out Built-in Adjustable Thermostats
    Optional Pilot Light
    Watt Density: 20 watts per sq. In.

    Note: These heaters are designed for use on gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel or No 2 fuel oil.
    Caution: These heaters are to be used only in closed, pressurized systems. Do not operate unless the Filter vessel is full and the cover is secured.

    Note: The indicator light on 208/240 volt heaters has a built-in transformer so that the bulb runs on 120 volts.


    Color and Particle Guide


    In presenting all 33 colors and the 9 particle photographs on one 8 1/2 x 11" chart, our model SGTP-3940 provides convenience that has never before been achieved. Particle assessment is a requirement in Section 2-17 of ATA-103, along with color rating. Particle rating is also specified in Section FO-6 of the United Airlines "Fuel Operations Manual".
    The color rating presentation is unique in that oblong windows of adjacent colors are provided so that the technician can more easily compare shades and colors. The filter membrane is placed under the chart, allowing the operator to see 4 different colors at one time for comparison.
    The official ASTM color rating booklet, model GTP-1074-1, which we also produce, was designed so that it ...


    The Mark II version has the unique advantage of eliminating the “white spot”. The photograph of a filter membrane shows how all previously manufactured test kits, regardless of the brand, make a white spot in the center if the inlet pressure is high and the fuel sample is contaminated. The jet effect causes the white spot.

    In the new Mark II design, the inlet fuel to the plastic monitor is dispersed laterally to insure a more uniform distribution of particles over the entire surface.

    The MiniMonitor® Kit is used to test aviation fuel for particulate contamination using the procedures described in ASTM D2276. A measured volume of fuel is passed from a flowing pipe directly through a 0.8 micrometer membrane. The ...


    Our 37mm, 0.8 µm (micrometer) membranes are produced in exact accordance with ASTM Research Report D1012 under which they have been granted approval for use in methods D2276 as well as IP216. We manufacture our own plastic monitors using Tenite, a product of Eastman Chemical Co. Our monitors are made to fit all recognized brands of holders including the Gammon MiniMonitor Kit® and the Millipore Corp. XX64-037-30.

    Refill membranes are packaged with a blue paper separator between each one to aid in separation.

    Matched-weight refill membranes are packaged with each pair in a glassine envelope. Each pair is matched in weight within 100µg (micrograms) in a closely controlled atmosphere.

    Support pads are ...
    "Q" Kit Jet Fuel Quality Conrtol


    A basic self-contained package for the fixed base operator, fueling contractor or private carrier who must perform safety checks on jet fuel. Everything needed to determine the presence of solid contaminants and excess water.
    Shell Water Detector


    The shell water detector kit®
    Shell is a registered trademark of Shell Oil Company

    The Problem
    Water can occur in jet fuel in three forms dissolved (chemically in solution in the jet fuel), settled (as in free water al the bottom of the tank), or as finely dispersed undissolved water held in suspension. It is this undissolved water that the Shell® Water Detector is designed to detect, and it has proven to be reliable for 30 year? This is water that a filter separator can remove and is usually invisible in the eye in quantities below 40-60 ppm.


    The SUMP SEPARATOR separates water from fuel that is drained from storage tank sumps.
    Fuel-free water is discharged from one port. Water-free fuel is returned to the storage tank.

    The fuel and water mixture from the bottom of a storage tank or from the sump of a filter is discharged to the SUMP SEPARATOR through a nozzle that caused a swirling action to concentrate most of the dirt in the center of the coneshaped bottom. Water and fuel are allowed to separate by gravity.
  • Prevents fuel contamination of ground water
  • Pollution control of soil and streams
  • Saves valuable fuels
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Eliminates need for conventional waste or "slop" tanks
  • Epoxy white coated internally (stainless steel ...
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