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Product Image - VCS Series Two-Stage Vertical Coalescer Separator Housings


Facet VCS Series two-stage vertical coalescer separator housings are mechanical devices designed to filter solids and separate two immiscible liquids. Using Facet's first-stage coalescer cartridges and second stage separator cartridges, they provide the highest degree of water and solids removal available.

These quality Facet products are designed for installations in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, bulk storage terminals, offshore platforms, manufacturing plants and many other industrial applications.

Product Image - Industrial Coalescer Cartridges


Facet industrial coalescer cartridges provide efficient and economical filtration and coalescence of fluids in a wide range of applications where API certification is not required. This broad range of liquid/liquid coalescers provides greater coalescing efficiency and contaminant holding capacity than most conventional coalescers or other separation techniques. As a result, Facet industrial coalescers improve product quality, reduce maintenance costs and help prevent unscheduled shutdowns.

Facet industrial coalescer cartridges are manufactured using proprietary combinations of high performance filter media. Years of research and development in phase separation technology has enabled Facet to develop a very broad range of filter grades to ...

Product Image - EB Series Oil Water Cartridges


Facet EB Series coalescer cartridges are for removing oil from water. Using a variety of media, these coalescer cartridges use the principle of mechanical impingement and preferential wetting to break any mechanical emulsion of oil and water. Using this force of gravity, the lighter liquid (oil) rises to the top of the vessel where it can be drawn off and the water flows to the bottom of the vessel and out the outlet connection.
Product Image - CC-U5-2DP Aromatic Coalescer Cartridges


Facet CC-U5-2DP Series coalescer cartridges are designed for removing free and entrained water from BTEX compounds-xylene, benzene, toluene and ethylbenzene, or removing BTEX compounds from water. When removing water, a two-stage housing using Facet's synthetic separator cartridges as the second stage will greatly improve efficiency. When removing BTEX compounds from water, use the CC-U5-2DP in a single-stage housing.

This coalescer cartridge is constructed of a single piece fiberglass tube, stainless steel metal components and non-asbestos gaskets. It is 6" (152 mm) OD, by 3 1/2" (89 mm) ID by 14 1/2" (370 mm) long which makes it interchangeable with most 6" (152 mm) OD coalescer cartridges.

Product Image - Industrial Separator Cartridges


Facet industrial separator cartridges provide efficient separation of water in a wide range of fluid process streams. These high performance liquid/liquid separators are used in applications where API certification is not required. The use of Facet industrial separator cartridges instead of conventional liquid/liquid separators can help reduce operating costs and improve product quality.

Facet industrial separator cartridges are manufactured using proprietary combinations of high performance filter media and pleat configurations. Facet has developed continuous length separator cartridges to retrofit most commercially available single length separators. The use of continuous length separators minimizes process downtime, reduces cartridge ...

Product Image - Single-Stage Repack Coalescers


Single-stage separation by use of packed mass media is generally used for hydrocarbons of lighter specific gravities and process streams where the removal of water and solids is of vital importance.

Separation is first started when the liquid enters the vessel. Due to the substantially reduced velocity, free water starts to fall out by gravity. As it progresses through the mass packed media, further separation occurs by impingement of the water droplets on the media. At the same time, solids tend to fall out as the liquid enters the vessel at reduced velocity but are further removed by filtration as the flow continues through the mass media.

Settling zones permit a natural separation of water due to the difference in the specific ...

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