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  • Made for the toughest clean-ups
  • Quarter Fold style, handy Pop Up Box or Jumbo Roll
  • Shop Towels, Rolls and Dispensers
  • Healthcare, Bath, Food services and Dusters
  • Item Image - Triple L (SMS)


  • Sonically bonded/Chemical polypropylene
  • Low-Lint-Laminates
  • Many available colors
  • Pads or rolls
  • Spill kits
  • Qcseller


    Sellars is going GREEN
    EverSoak™ Brand made with Q-Cel™ technology contains recycled fibers!

    That's right Sellars has gone green. You can count on the Innovation Leader to bring you the newest developments in Recycled Sorbent Technology.

    Reach your recycled goals and out-perform the competition with our patent pending Q-Cel™ Sorbent technology. Our new EverSoak™ Brand simply outperform the competition 2 to 1 in fluid sorbency. Help our competitors feel green as you "Go Green" with Sellars!
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