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These coalescing filter-separators use dry type replaceable coalescer elements. They provide safe and efficient operation, convenient access, and exceptional service life. Their large rugged filter elements have pleated media to combine high efficiency with low ΔP. Units are available to meet your specific design requirements.
Sheet Metal Housings - Accordion Style Housing


Connection Sizes from 1/2 " to 24"

  • Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
  • B50 - Enameled Steel Construction
  • B52 - 304SS
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages

    Series B50 & B52 Air Intake Filters are similar to B10 & B12. They simply substitute a top plate for a hood or cap & skirt assy. The hoodless design simplifies visual inspection for indoor or other sheltered locations and saves cost on initial purchase.

    Sparks™ Hoodless Air Intake Filters are perfect for indoor use where a weather hood is not required. These elements are immediately visible without needing to remove a hood, simpify routine maintenance inspections. They are also lighter and small units are consequently better suited to avoid vibration ...
  • Sheet Metal Housings - Air Intake Connection Options


    SparkFilters™ are available in a wide selection of inlet and outlet sizes and configurations in both enamel finished carbon steel, 304SS, and 316SS. Atmospheric air intake series B10, B12, and B70 with weather hoods can be mounted directly, or piped from a roof top installation to equipment below. In sheltered installations, hoodless air intake series B50 and B52 with exposed filter elements make inspection or pre-filter cleaning a breeze. To silence excess noise at the equipment's inlet, chamber silenced series C10 & C12, or tube silenced series D10 & D12 can cut noise in half. In-line filters E20, E22, & Side Arm Housings F20, & F22 permit installation anywhere between the inlet source and equipment being served. They're perfect ...
    Sheet Metal Housings - Classic Air Intakes


    Series B10 & B12 air intake filters provide superior protection for compressors, blowers, turbines, engines, and other air handling equipment. They are fabricated from heavy gauge enameled steel. Series B12 corrosion resistant weather hoods reject rain and snow in coastal environments. They are also well suited for service in food processing installations serving pneumatic blowers. Any of the 20 standard models can be modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

    Connection Sizes from 1/2" to 24"

  • Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
  • Exceptionally Low ΔP Design
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.
  • Enameled Steel Construction

    Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges (FF) are std. Flanges match ...
  • Sheet Metal Housings - In-Line Air & Gas Filters


    Rugged Enameled Steel Construction SeriesE20 & E22 air/gas filters utilize a single self sealing cylindrical filter element to provide the ultimate in protection for compressors, blowers, turbines, engines, and other pipeline equipment. Fabricated from heavy gauge enameled or 304stainless steel, they utilize a bolt seal closure with neoprene or teflon gasketing for service to 5 psid. Any model can be modified to more exactly suit your needs.

    Connections to 24"
  • Air/Gas Flows to 20,000 SCFM
  • Low δP / High Flow Design
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.
  • Connection Sizes to 24"
  • Bolt Seal Closure to 5 psid
  • Options: δP Taps, Angle legs, δPgauge

    Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges ...
  • Sheet Metal Housings - Panel Filter Housings


    Exceptional Construction.

    All seams are seal welded, not caulked or spot welded. Our filter panels are held in place with 3/8" wing nuts, not metal clips. We offer the highest quality workmanship backed by our unequaled turn around time. Our team also offers housings in 304 Stainless Steel & other materials with all seams seal welded against leakage. A safety cage guarding the outlet is standard. Silencer materials are also added.

    Note: 304SS safety cage downstream of panel filters. Helps prevent leaves, pens, hats, and other debris from traveling into the compressor, blower, or turbine intake at filter change out!
    Sheet Metal Housings - Side Arm Air & Gas Filters


    Series F20 & F22 w/bolt seal closure closed circuit air & gas filters are essentially similar to series E in-line filters except their outlet connection is directly out the bottom. Where practical, this orientation reduces ΔP by eliminating an elbow. They are also slightly less expensive than equivalent E series housings. Filter elements w/304SS screen &/or center cores are also available if required.

    Connection Sizes from 1/2" to 24"

  • Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
  • Low ΔP Design
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.
  • Bolt Seal Closure to 5 psid
        Consult us for use with reciprocating compressors, or designs to 15 psid.

    Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges (FF) are ...
  • Sheet Metal Housings - Side Exhaust Mist Eliminating Filters


    Three Styles of Exhaust Elements Available

    Classic Two Stage Microglass Exhaust Elements are time-honored performers. However, their non-pleated cylindrical construction can generate a higher pressure drop (typ. δP 2 psi clean) and requires a larger filter housing to accept the physically large exhaust element.

    Connection Sizes 1 1/4" to 24"

  • All Steel Construction
  • Options:ΔP Taps, Angle legs, ΔP gauge
  • Rugged Design - 15 psid @ -20 to 200°F (non-code)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Throat Safety Cages Standard

    Newer High Flow Low δP Pleated Microglass Elements have permitted a less expensive more compact housing design together with a proven much lower ...
  • Sheet Metal Housings - Silenced Air Intake Filter


    Connection Sizes from 1/2 " to 24"

  • Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
  • C10 & C50 Enameled Steel Construction
  • C12 & C52 304 Stainless Steel
  • Optional Access Handles
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.

    Series C10 & C12 Air Intake Filters add a sound attenuation chamber to the design of the B10 & B12. Two sound absorption cylinders combine with a single side baffle and a synthetic acoustical pack to reduce undesirable sound escaping from the equipments air inlet. The straight flow path limits unwanted pressure drop.
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